Introduction to Harish Travel

This is my first attempt to write my travels in the form of a blog.  I am fond of writing travel diaries but never made an attempt to print or make a blog.
My first backpacking cum-Hitch Hiking Trip outside India was undertaken in 1975.  I flew from New Delhi to Kabul on 1st May, 1975 and travelled for many many months with home stitched packsack, home stitched hen feather filled sleeping bag and few other accessories purchased from a junk market.  My new Bata shoes had big holes by the time I crossed Arctic Circle and reached Nord Kap in five months’ time. 

This was my travel to explore the world and its inhabitants of different culture, religion, cuisine and language.  Before this trip I made many journeys in India which is a vast country.   I am a trained Mountaineer and High Altitude Trekker hence developed many qualities of endurance in extensive travel to 96 countries in all the continents. From  deep in Sahara Desert in Libya to Siberia in Russia; from Nord Kap in Norway to Stewart Island in New Zealand;  from 5000 years old Rice Fields of North Philippines to Machu Picchu of Inca Civilization;  from Oil fields of Arab countries to Giant Steps Causeway of Northern Ireland; from Darfur in Sudan to conflict zone of Jerusalem in Israel; from Himalayas to Andes; Alps to  Scottish Rocks; Rockies in Canada to Grassy Lappland, Angkor Wat Hindu Temples in Cambodia to Taj Mahal, Agra; from Petra, Jordan to Alhambra, Granada, Spain; From Gondolas of Venice, Italy to Jaisalmer Fort, India; from the Christ Rio De Janeiro; Brazil to Pyramid of Kukulcan, Mexico; from Manhattan Island, New York to Dubrovnik, Croatia;  from Mostar, Herzegovina to Kotor, Montenegro; Boating in Ganges, Mekong, Blue and White Nile Danube, Thames, Indus, Brahmaputra and numerous other rivers, many wonders and heritage sites of the world.

It is an amazing travel of the World, full of nature’s bounty and beauty, its people of compassion, understanding, full of hope, peace and conflict.

At the youthful age of 66 plus, I thought of taking up another backpacking trip for 80 days.  This Travel took me to 22 countries, some of them I have travelled earlier but backpacked now only.  Why 80 days?  International Youth Hostel Federation or Hostelling International as is known now, completed its 80 years of its formation.  I was President of this Federation for 8 years and fortified its philosophy as Youth Hostelling for Peace and International Understanding, a concept that was accepted by UNESCO also.  In all my four decades of travelling, I met wonderful, affectionate and friendly people in all parts of the world.

With the same motto, I took up this travel from May to August, 2012.  This travel was different from my earlier travel as I did not research of the route, of the border crossings, no reservation for stay or travel and virtually putting myself in black hole.  The result was again wonderful.  I was welcomed and feted by unknown people of unknown places.  I shall always remain grateful to all of them for their compassion and support to me.  This Travel Blog is true story based on my Travel Diaries.


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  2. I am also backpacker. yhai member also after reading your blog. you have to publish travel diaries and every yhai member have to own it/buy it. if any help from my side I will be there. manish shrivastava

  3. Great Sir, you are an inspiration to a whole lot of yongsters and young at heart yongsters like you !!!

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    was lost for few years.Thanks to my son,
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